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General Information

New Patients - Registring

If you are registring with the practice, we would kindly ask you to do this after 11am when the surgeries are not being held. Please bring your passport and 1 form of another ID, one whichshould confirm your name and permanent address. You will be asked to contact the surgery within 5 working days to confirm the registration is taking place. All new patients are asked to attend for a registration medical which is carried out by the nurse. All medical services are available to you from the day you register.


Sick Certificates

You are responsible for self-certification for the first seven days of any illness (including Sundays) and your employer should provide form SC2.

Self-employed patients should complete form SC1, which is available from the DWP. Thereafter you will need to see a doctor who will issue a medical certificate if required or for a continuation you can come into reception and complete a form which takes 48 hours.


Laboratory Specimens

These should be handed in by 10am at the very latest in a suitable container that can be obtained from the receptionist. They should be clearly labeled with 3 forms of ID. If they are labelled incorrectly they will not be tested.


Out of Hours

For emergencies and sudden illnesses call the practice number 020 3747 3020. You will be connected to a Doctor or someone who can take a message for them. The doctor may give advise or a call at your home.


Telephone Advice

A doctor or practice Nurse is available for telephone consultations at the end of surgeries. These can be pre booked one week in advance or booked on the same day if required. Patients with queries regarding results or medication can leave a message with reception; these can then be dealt with at the end of surgery.


You can also book appointments and order repeat prescriptions on your mobile and desktop. Please log on to and select patient access and follow the instructions. Once you have registered for this service you will need to come to the surgery with some Identification and sign a consent form.


The receptionists have been asked not to interrupt the doctor or nurse when they are with patients except in the case of an emergency.


NHS Direct can be contacted on 111


BARKING HOSPITAL (does not see children under 12)



IG11 9YD


TEL: 020 8924 6262


OPENING HOURS: Monday to Friday - 7am-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-10pm



To book an appointment call 020 3770 1888 between 2pm-9pm on week days. Patients call also call the HUB on Thursday and Fridays and pre-book an appointment on either Saturday or Sunday


Alternatively, call your own GP or ring the NHS on 111


Appointments must be booked in advance. Patients can't walk in or turn up on the day without an appointment.


Home Visits

We offer home visits, but these are intended for patients whom are physically unable to get to the their branch such as the elderly, frail and bedbound. They are not intended for patients whom it is inconvenient to get to the surgery. They are a huge resource on time, and commonly take up the equivalent of 6 normal clinical appointments. Home visits should be booked before 10:30am.


Health Visitor

Falilaht Betts is our link health visitor. She has special responsibilities to mothers and children and is based at 5 Elms Clinic. She can be contacted by calling the clinic on 0203 644 2250.


District  Nurses

The community team of nurses cares for patients who need nursing at home and they are based at Chedwell Heath Health Centre. They can usually be contacted by leaving a message at the reception or by calling the centre on 0203 644 2425


Repeat Prescriptions (how to request your medication)

Requests can be made in person, via Email or in writing. We also offer online repeat prescription services. You can order repeat prescriptions on your mobile and desktop by logging on to and follow the instructions


You can either tick the necessary


Security, Confidentiality and Safety

Electronic prescriptions are seen by the same people in GP practices, pharmacies and NHS prescription payment and fraud agencies that

see paper prescriptions. With EPS, the prescription is encrypted and transferred on a secure network, which can only be seen by authorised people.

The electronic prescription can’t be lost or altered and because it doesn’t have to be retyped, there are fewer transcription errors leading to

increased patient safety.


You can sign up for this service either at the practice or at the pharmacy.


The Practice Health Monitor

This is located in the practice waiting area and enables patients to perform their own checks such as blood pressure, weight and height. You can use this to check your blood pressure whenever you wish. You may also be invited to use the health monitor to complete certain medical questionnaires


Choose & Book

We offer “Choose and Book” which allows you to choose where you would be like to be seen. Time and convenience are often the driving factors behind patient choice and this is often best served by the local NHS services, but please inform the doctor if you wish to be seen by a specific health provider.


Summary Care  Records(SCR)

Our practice is participating in NHS national program for IT.  We share summary of your vital clinical information i.e medication, allergies and adverse reactions to drugs with the NHS emergency care providers like A&E, Out of Hours and Walk In Centre.  This is to ensure that our patients receive safer and quality care during urgent or emergency situations.  Please do let us know if you would like to opt out from the initiative.


Staff Protection

A zero tolerance policy towards violent, threatening and abusive behavior is now in place throughout the National Health Service.

The staff in this practice have the right to work in an environment free from violent, threatening and abusive behavior and everything will be done to protect that right.

At no time will violent, threatening or abusive behavior be tolerated in this practice. If you do not respect the rights of our staff we may choose to inform the police and make arrangements for you to be removed from our list.