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Repeat Prescriptions


How to request your medication


Request can be made in Person, via email, or in writing. We also offer an online repeat prescription service. You can now order repeat prescriptions on your mobile and desktop. Please log onto  and follow the instructions.



You can either tick the necessary items from the checklist on the right hand side of your last prescription or supply a letter with your name, date of birth, address and required medication or complete a medication request form in the surgery. We are unable to take repeat prescription request over the telephone, During holiday periods or outside normal working hours. You may also set up a repeat prescription service with one of the local pharmacies who can take requests over the phone and deliver to your home address. Please enquire at reception.

For patients well controlled on medication and attending regular reviews a Repeat dispensing service can be arranged please ask your doctor or nurse for details.



Notice Period


Prescriptions requested are normally ready for collection within 48 hours. If requesting this through the pharmacy, the timescale may take a further 24 hours to achieve, depending  on pharmacy pickup schedule.  The time we take to prepare your prescription allows the doctor adequate time to check your request and review your medication where appropriate.  We believe this system ensures a high standard of care. Please avoid asking staff to process your request any quicker.


How the notice period for repeat prescriptions works.


Prescription Requested                                 Available form Collection      


Monday Before 2pm                                          Wednesday after 9am

Monday after 2pm                                             Thursday after 9am


Tuesday before 2pm                                         Thursday after 9am

Tuesday after 2pm                                            Friday after 9am


Wednesday before 2pm                                    Friday after 9am

Wednesday after 2pm                                       Monday after 9am


Thursday before 2pm                                        Monday after 9am

Thursday after 2pm                                           Tuesday after 9am


Friday before 2pm                                                         Tuesday after 9am

Friday after 2pm                                               Wednesday after 9am



Expired authorisation of prescriptions medicine


For your safety and care we require that you are seen by the Practice nurse at least every to review your medication. Please look out for the message on the right hand side of your prescription and ensure that you make an appointment prior to the review date.  If you have not been reviewed the amount of medication you receive may be reduced.



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