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PRG Action plan March 2015

Progress made from last year’s report 2013/2014


o We have advertised our telephone number so patient call the local rate number and the 0844 number has been discontinued


o Changed the ratio of same day appointment increase access for the patients.


          • We removed our 2 week appointment slots

          •We decreased the amount of 1 week appointments

          • We decreased the amount of telephone consultations to enable us to increase the following





          • To increase 48 hour appointment slots

          • To increase same day appointment

          •  And to offer under 5 same day appointments

2014/2015 Weekly Decreased by 40 %


Same day increased 96%

Telephone Consultation Decreased 32%

Under 5’s increased  20%


o We have advertised patient uk and patients registration  has increased from 95 patient 1.73% to 329 patient 5.8%